PREACH the Word of GOD!

Preaching the Word! 

Preaching the Word of GOD has never been easy. Strangers come against you, governments silence you, and friends and family will abandon you. That's the easy part! The real challenge comes when we attempt to deliver GOD's Word in LOVE. Our flesh gets in the way, we say the wrong things to the wrong people at the wrong time, and we find ourselves pushing people further away from the LORD. We must persevere. We must push through. We must submit to the authority of GOD, and follow the leading of His spirit... IF we are to bring the lost to Christ.

Why we must PREACH the Word in love

Because GOD is love, and His Word should soften hearts, break up hard soil, and bring the lost home. If we carry the Word of GOD as though it were a hammer, preparing to drive our beliefs into the flesh of our unsuspecting neighbour - chances are we will bear little fruit for the LORD of the Harvest.


How do we PREACH the Word in LOVE?

How do we share the commandments of GOD when so many are walking in sin and seem so easily offended by the The Holy Bible? The answer is, we PREACH the gospel. We share the Word of GOD that brings life to the dead, healing to the sick, wealth and prosperity to the poor, and freedom to those who are slaves to sin. 

Here's how the early church went about it:


Walk by faith, sharing the Word

When we begin to recognise the power of the Word of GOD, the battle "to be heard" can be left to one side. Arguments, contentions, conflicts... whatever we are used to experiencing in the natural, has no power over us when we walk by faith. GOD's Word is spirit. It has the power to create from nothing, to heal any sickness, to raise the dead, and to do any and all manner of miracles... IF we will believe.

The early church is seen by many as a season of miracles; long gone and (as some profess) no longer required. Today's faithless preachers and teachers of the Word are happy to lead the body of believers through life with little sense of the miraculous hand of GOD.

"Keep quiet in the back!" they shout, as the man who knows the POWER of GOD shakes his head in disbelief at the watered down gospel that is typically preached in today's church.

Not YOU dear reader (I hope!)

You're here to PREACH the POWER of GOD. You're walking with expectation at the wonderful GOD we serve, knowing that ALL your needs will be met, and your prayers of faith will be answered.


Let's move some mountains, shall we?


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